Term 2 and 3

Term 2 was our survival of the fittest term. Throughout the term the students learnt how to light fires using only natural materials, build several different types of shelters including tents, flys, and natural shelters in Bottle Lake Forest. Our students also learnt basic navigation skills, how to read maps and following bearings on a compass. The last day of term was the final survival day combining multiple skills during the day the students had learnt over the term. We are happy to report they all survived!

Term 3 kicked off with a great start with more students attending our weekly programmes and even though the weather hasn’t been in our best favor the students have still be eager to get out. We have focused this term primarily on roping activities where the students have had to build up their confidence with heights, supporting one another while bouldering  and even showing their patience while getting their head around some difficult knots. Some of the highlights the students have faced this term was 2 weeks of rock climbing and the Tyrolean over the river, other activities our students took part in were Low ropes, obstacle course, hand-lines, belay and abseil practice, tying a figure 8 (double figure 8) and bowline knot.

Each student set themselves a goal at the start of term 3 based on the bouldering wall we have at Cracroft and each student achieved this by going out every morning to practice with staff and their friends.


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