Past Programmes

Active Discoveries is our termly programme that runs during the week. These groups work on learning new and building their confidence in outdoor skills.


2018 Term 1: Splash and Dash!

Our water programme was noting but awesome this year! we got out in the waves to grow our confidence in the sea, set goals and challenged ourselves on the surfboards with a few of our students making it into the Kelly Slater pose (pro surfer). We working on our balance and learn more about the local sea creatures while explore Christchurch coastline.

This term we also had Nele and Kim join us at interns working alongside Molly and Christie to deliver awesome programmes. We all appreciated the time and effort they put into the six weeks with us. Thank you so much Nele and Kim. All our students will miss you very much.



2017 Term 1: Water Adventures!

At the beginning of this year we welcomed Molly Ngatai as our new Lead Instructor who is working alongside Christie and Karla to manage the daily running of Learn Active Programmes. The consistency of permanent staff and our many wonderful volunteers has lifted the quality of our programmes and we are excited to see what the rest of the year brings.

Term 1 kicked off with some fantastic weather for our Water Adventures programme. Surfing and kayaking were the main highlights for most of our students. Other activities included; water confidence pool sessions, coasteering, canoeing, sailing and day hiking. Our water programme aimed to increase our students water confidence and safe decision making around water in a fun, safe and supportive environment. This term we saw our students make some great progress increasing their confidence during activities from putting heads under water, standing up on surfboards, learning how to steer canoes to practicing falling out of kayaks.


Term 2: Survival of the Fittest! Throughout the term the students learnt how to light fires using only natural materials, build several different types of shelters including tents, flys, and natural shelters in Bottle Lake Forest. Our students also learnt basic navigation skills, how to read maps and following bearings on a compass. The last day of term was the final survival day combining multiple skills during the day the students had learnt over the term. We are happy to report they all survived!


Term 3: Rope me in! Kicked off with a great start with more students attending our weekly programmes and even though the weather hasn’t been in our best favor the students have still be eager to get out. We have focused this term primarily on roping activities where the students have had to build up their confidence with heights, supporting one another while bouldering  and even showing their patience while getting their head around some difficult knots. Some of the highlights the students have faced this term was 2 weeks of rock climbing and the Tyrolean over the river, other activities our students took part in were Low ropes, obstacle course, hand-lines, belay and abseil practice, tying a figure 8 (double figure 8) and bowline knot.

Each student set themselves a goal at the start of term 3 based on the bouldering wall we have at Cracroft and each student achieved this by going out every morning to practice with staff and their friends.


Term 4: Guardians of the Hills took us all over Christchurch’s parks and the Port Hills. We have explored some pretty cool areas around Christchurch, including some new walks up on the Port Hills and around Barnett Park, and visited some old favourites, like The Groynes and Bottle Lake! In total our groups combined walked over 200kms which is an awesome achievement. A new skill we focused on this term was learning how to plan a day hike. Every morning our students would plan where day by checking the weather, walking terrain and complete a gear check. We had an awesome term hiking and are looking forward to a good break! Happy Holidays everyone.