2019 Programme dates

Active Holidays
The Active Holidays programme runs for four days each term break. Students are welcome to attend for some or all of the days on offer.
Each day has a different focus. Activities may be in the areas of: Bush, rope, water and skills based

Monday 14th – Thursday 17th January 2019
Monday – Geocaching hike
Tuesday – Body boarding
Wednesday – Kayaking
Thursday – Beach swim day

Monday 15th – Thursday 18th April 2019
Monday – Geocaching
Tuesday – Bike and bush skills
Wednesday – Day Hike
Thursday – Coasteering

Monday 8th – Thursday 11th July 2019
Monday – Orienteering
Tuesday – Indoor Rock Climbing
Wednesday – Day Hike
Thursday – Firelighting

Monday 30th September – Thursday 3rd October 2019
Monday – Body movement and Slackline
Tuesday – Rope Bridge
Wednesday – Hill Hike
Thursday – Ropes Hike

Active Discoveries
The Active Discoveries programme runs weekly during term time. Over the course of the term students focus on a series of outdoor activities associated with one of our themes of water, rope or bush.
The programme is run by qualified, experienced staff and aims to build confidence and skills in the outdoor environment.

Term 1 – Water for Life (Water Skills based) 2019
Monday 28th January – Monday 8th April (11 weeks)
Tuesday 29th January – Tuesday 9th April (11 weeks)
Wednesday 30th January – Wednesday 10th April(10 weeks)
Thursday 31st January – Thursday 11th April (11 weeks)
Friday 1st February – Friday 12th April (11 weeks)

Term 2 – Old vs New (Bush Craft Skills) 2019
Monday 29th April – Monday 1st July (10 weeks)
Tuesday 30th April – Tuesday 2nd July (10 weeks)
Wednesday 1st May – Wednesday 3rd July (10 weeks)
Thursday 2nd May – Thursday 4th July (10 weeks)
Friday 3rd May – Friday 5th July (10 weeks)

Term 3 – Challenge My Movement (Ropes Skills) 2019
Monday 22nd July – Monday 23rd September (10 weeks)
Tuesday 23rd July– Tuesday 24th September (10 weeks)
Wednesday 24th July– Wednesday 25th September (10 weeks)
Thursday 25th July– Thursday 26th September (10 weeks)
Friday 26th July – Friday 27th September (10 weeks)

Term 4 – Challenge My Fitness (Hiking programme) 2019
Monday 14th October– Monday 9th December (9 weeks)
Tuesday 15th October– Tuesday 10th December(9 weeks)
Wednesday 16th October – Wednesday 11th December (9 weeks)
Thursday 17th October – Thursday 12th December (9 weeks)
Friday 18th October – Friday 13th December (9 weeks)
* Plus an optional overnight trip – 17th – 19th December

Active Adventures – Sundays
The Active Adventures programme runs during the weekend. These programmes are a great opportunity to come and try out a variety of different outdoor activities in a fun, safe and friendly environment.

These programmes are run once a month (currently on hold):
Sunday 17th February – Bodyboarding
Sunday 24th March – Coasteering

Overnight trips
January Holidays, Wed 23rd- Fri 25th January: Peel Forest, Geocaching
April Overnight trip, Tue 23rd – Wed 24th April: Overnight hike trip, Rod Donald Hut
July ski camp, Wed 17th – Fri 19th July: Mt Hutt skiing
October Holidays, Wed 9th – Thu 10th October: Quail Island
Labour Weekend, Saturday 26th – Monday 28th October: Timaru, Mountain biking and no bikers explore activities